COVID Terms and Conditions


  • You must not board the bus if you have any symptoms potentially consistent with COVID-19. Brisbane 2 Byron and their employees have the right of refusal of entry and/or service to customers that refuse to comply with the conditions of this COVID safe plan or any of our terms and conditions of travel.
  • Please keep as much distance as possible between yourself, passengers and the driver. We have facilitated this by blocking off seats and placing signs on others. Family/residential groups are permitted to sit in closer proximity but are required to maintain distance to other passengers and the driver.
  • Hand sanitiser is available in each vehicle for your use. Cleaning wipes are available on request from the driver. Tissues are available if you need to sneeze or cough and a bin is provided to throw your used tissue away. Avoid touching extra surfaces other than those required to safely gain entry to the vehicle and make your way to your seat.
  • Drivers will be cleaning surfaces after every trip, after passengers have disembarked and before new passengers board.
  • Air-conditioning in each vehicle has been set to external airflow. Windows, where possible, may be opened to facilitate airflow.
  • You should be prepared to load your own luggage into the luggage trailer. The driver may assist you if you require assistance to do this. The driver will sanitise their hands directly after coming into contact with luggage.
  • Drivers have downloaded the COVID Safe App and we recommend that you also download, install and activate the app for the duration of your journey.
  • You may choose to wear a mask while traveling with us. In Australia the routine use of face masks in the community is currently not recommended, while the rate of community transmission of COV-19 is low. Masks are not required PPE and drivers may or may not choose to wear them.
  • If at any time during the journey where passengers have disembarked the vehicle, social distancing measures will still apply.
  • The driver will require passengers to present any Government mandated permissions to travel into Queensland or New South Wales prior to boarding the vehicle. You will be refused entry to the bus if you cannot provide proof of permission to travel.

I have read and understood this Safety Plan and I agree to the terms and conditions stated above.